Operating Environment

Connecting with Stakeholders


In a rapidly changing environment, maintaining a constant dialogue with all our stakeholders helps shape our strategy. The emerging trends, some of which are unprecedented in terms of magnitude and impact, affect our ability to sustainably deliver value to our stakeholders and, in turn, derive value from them.

When an individual or a group can be significantly impacted by our actions, products, and services, we consider that party a stakeholder. At the same time, we are keenly aware that our stakeholders’ perceptions and behaviour can powerfully impact our ability to carry on our activities and meet our strategic goals.

Accordingly, our stakeholders are:

  • Investorsc
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Society and environment
  • Business partners
  • Government institutions and regulators

The above grouping helps the Bank effectively manage interactions with the stakeholders in terms of priority and relevance.

While formal mechanisms are in place to connect with our stakeholder groups, responsibility for such engagement is shared across the Bank at every stakeholder point of contact. The changes brought about by the pandemic had an impact on the way, the level and the frequency in which we engage with our stakeholders as well. Given that large gatherings were curtailed during the year, we resorted to digital mediums in engaging with our stakeholders. Understanding their aspirations and maintaining open channels of communication, especially in the context of the pandemic, was vital in developing mutually beneficial solutions across the year.

We strongly believe that by engaging with our stakeholders, we are able to better adapt ourselves to meet the challenges of today and to sustain and improve our business model, drive innovation, and garner invaluable insights for our strategic planning process.