Celebrating a Century of Operations



In 2020, the Bank celebrated a century of banking in Sri Lanka, a century during which the Bank has become an integral part of the economic and social fabric of the country. The centrepiece of the celebrations was a massive staff gathering, held in early January prior to the rise of COVID-19 infections in the country. The dreams of the future and the history of the past were interwoven when more than 4,000 staff members from all over Sri Lanka came together in Colombo. To mark the occasion, a Bank anthem was composed, intended to serve as a motivator and a rallying call in the years ahead

After the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the calendar of centenary events, especially those involving large gatherings, were curtailed, but the Bank still marked moments of commemoration, celebration and further commitment to its stakeholders. Highlights included a series of religious ceremonies representing the four major denominational faiths in the country, events to felicitate stakeholders, a country-wide community initiative that will benefit 100 schools, and a large scale reforestation project. A coffee table book depicting the Bank’s history, Seasons of Change: Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC 1920-2020, was released towards the end of the year.