Organisational Overview

Strategic Highlights

Expanded the footprint further by adding two more branches each in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.
Acquired a 40% stake in Commercial Insurance Brokers Ltd. during the year 2019, increasing the stake of 58%.
Adopted IFC developed “Climate Assessment for Financial Institutions (CAFI)” tool to assist in monitoring and reporting climate impact data.
Conducted a thorough assessment to align the core business with the UN SDGs and strengthened partnerships with private, public, non-governmental, governmental and international organisations, to drive green banking programmes.
Broadened the scope of SEMS to inculcate a SEMS perspective in all the lending activities.
Strategically invested the excess liquidity generated in both LKR and FCY in Government Securities in the backdrop of slower credit growth.
Prioritised sustaining our customer base by re-segmenting the portfolio, monitoring at risk accounts, and finding workable solutions to rehabilitate and sustain distressed businesses to arrest rising NPAs.
Conducted a diagnostic study and a transformation project with the assistance of a global consultancy firm to overhaul the Bank’s SME strategy to harness the full potential of this segment.
Realigned the SME sales strategy by setting up a central credit processing unit for evaluation and approval of SME facilities, deploying dedicated officers at branches and providing doorstep banking services.
Set the foundations to introduce a more data-driven, targeted, sales culture throughout the Bank.
Developed a gender-based market strategy to support and empower women entrepreneurs at both SME and micro level.
Initiatives were taken to making customer service uniform across the network.
Undertook a formal exercise to identify five key strategic sustainability themes of focus for the Bank.
Aligned the five areas of focus with the 7 SGDs most relevant to the Bank’s core activities and ethos.
Expanded the digital footprint and upgraded the digital platforms.
Initiatives are underway to launch “Combank Digital” that will appeal to Generation Y and Z as well as providing immediate banking services to other under-banked and unbanked segments of the market promoting financial inclusion and digital adoption.
Established a Defined Benefit Plan for those members of the staff who joined the Bank on or after January 1, 2000.
Developed an in-house software tool to monitor and maintain the condition of the off-site ATMs.
Undertook steps to centralise and automate back office operations in order to reallocate staff and resources towards sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Implemented a Business Process re-engineering project in the imports and exports departments.
Set up of an integrated call centre to streamline inbound and outbound calls.
Automated Staff User ID Management and CRIB report procurement and analysis using Robotic Process Automation.
Further improved risk governance and management framework.
Continued the implementation of the Bank wide “Baseline Security Standard” plan.