People’s Leasing & Finance PLC

Annual Report 2019/20


Materiality mapping

Our material issues are those that matter most to our key stakeholders and that have an impact on our ability to create value in the prevailing economic, social and environmental context in which we operate.

Based on the trends observed and the concerns of stakeholders, following material topics were prioritised in alignment with the relevant SDGs as follows:

Priority Material topic Topic relevance Alignment to SDGs
1 Sustainable
We need to ensure sustainable business growth by creating shared value to our stakeholders
2 Inclusive
Our shared purpose of existence
3 Customer
Our customers contribute to our sustainable growth
4 Ethics,
and compliance
Our compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards safeguard our social license to operate
5 Human talent development Our employees are the ambassadors of our responsible and ethical service
6 Resource
In a resource scarce world to reduce our costs
7 Digitalisation To be future fit as resources become scarcer by transforming business activities with digital technology to increase accessibility and enhance customer experience
8 Cyber resilience
and customer
As threats from cyber-attacks increase protecting customers confidential information with integrity and internal controls is a must
9 Innovation In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, embedding trends in product development, innovating business models to be resilient and sustain our business
10 Climate finance To help businesses affected by climate change to adapt and contribute with our capacity as a financial services provider to build a low carbon economy as a Participating Financial Institution

Responding to our most valued stakeholders

We respond to our stakeholder concerns identifying potential areas for improvement, opportunities for differentiation and necessary changes to our strategy/business model.

This approach strengthens our legitimacy and social license to operate, builds trust and assures our sustainable growth as a socially relevant and responsible corporate citizen. Our strategy and business model is geared towards addressing all material concerns.