People’s Leasing & Finance PLC

Annual Report 2018/19

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Strengthening stakeholder relationships


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We define as stakeholders, those individuals or groups that can be considerably impacted by our actions, products, and services. In turn, we are completely cognisant of how our stakeholders’ perceptions and actions can impact our own endeavours to meet our strategic goals.

We maintain a number of formal mechanisms to remain linked to our stakeholder groups as illustrated on page 69 (refer online for more details). In addition, we also share responsibility for such linkage across the Organisation at every point of contact with our stakeholders.

It is only through meaningful dialogue with our key stakeholder groups that we can better understand and address their needs and concerns while balancing the distribution of value created.

Effective stakeholder engagement compels us to be future ready, as we continue to work on improving our business model and strategic planning processes based on the feedback we receive from our stakeholders.

Stakeholder Method of Engagement Frequency Key Expectations and Concerns Response (Refer)
Customers One-to-one meetings As and when required Product diversity
Service quality
Customized products
Product pricing and investment rates
Efficient and speedy transactions/processing and responding time
Product information
Alternative payment plans
Legal terms and implications
Confidentiality of sensitive data
Customer complaint / grievance handling mechanism
Going concern
Financial literacy
Brand awareness
Augmenting customer experience
Customer surveys Once in two years
Feedback forms Periodically
Official website Regularly
Marketing and propaganda campaigns As and when required
Press and electronic media As and when required
Networking events Periodically
CSR Projects Periodically
Social media Periodically
Suppliers Supplier registration Annually Quality specifications
Delivery instructions
Ethical procurement practices
Timely payments
Measures to develop SME suppliers including loans at exclusive rates
Advocacy of best business practices
Integrity and responsibility
Achieving execution excellence

Desk reviews As and when required
Site visits As and when required
Networking events Periodically
Self-assessment questionnaire Annually
Investors Annual General Meeting Annually Ensure sustainable earning growth
Healthy financial returns
Exploiting growth opportunities
Timely payment of returns/dividends and capital gains
Enhance value creation
Integrity and responsibility
Promoting efficient resource use

Annual Report Annually
Interim financial statements Quarterly
Updates As required
Corporate website Ongoing
Corporate disclosure to CSE As required
Presentations and road shows As required
Investor forums As required
Corporate affairs department As required
Stakeholder survey Annually
Press releases As required
Employees Operational guidelines Continuously New system developments
New products and services
Changes in operational procedures
Changes in interest rates
Performance based rewards
Focused training
Career progression
Work life balance and wellbeing
Employee satisfaction
Employee benefits
Recognition for outstanding contribution in implementation of CSR initiatives
Achieving execution excellence

Code of conduct Continuously
Open door policy interactions As and when required
Staff meetings Periodically
Intranet Regularly
Staff circulars, memos and e-mails Regularly
Company newsletter Quarterly
Training evaluations Periodically
Performance appraisals Annually
Networking events Periodically
Welfare events and activities Periodically
Employee satisfaction surveys Periodically
Corporate Forum for strategic planning Annually
Whistleblowing As required
Staff volunteerism in CSR
Local Community Discussion with local government authorities As and when required Appreciation of staff volunteered CSR initiatives
Customized products
Financial literacy
Infrastructure/service improvements
Assistance during natural disasters
Scholarships to support education\Access to finance
Products and services
Needs of local community
Impact of implemented CSR initiatives
Monitoring of CSR
Public/private partnerships
Awareness and training
Continuity of initiatives
Stakeholder engagement
Embodying responsible stewardship

Discussion with non-government agencies, associations and community based organisations As and when required
Discussion with religious dignitaries As and when required
‘Aruna’ Newsletter Quarterly
Community grievances As and when required
Discussions with village and opinion leaders As and when required
Meetings/Conferences As and when required
Networking events As and when required
Training/awareness programmes As and when required
Strategic outreach CSR Ongoing
Philanthropic initiatives Periodically
Mobile educational campaigns