People’s Leasing & Finance PLC

Annual Report 2018/19

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Seeing enterprise in action

Value creation activities

We define value creation activities as actions taken or work performed through which inputs are used to produce specific outputs. These value creation activities are detailed here in relation to the five strategic imperatives we have in place in order to mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities arising from the mega trends that shape the environment within which we operate.

Within this integrated Annual Report we discuss many aspects of our operations that are interconnected. As this figure shows, our strategic imperatives too are intricately connected and well-integrated, with one influencing or being impacted by the others.

Through every integrated report we publish annually, we also show how each of our capitals – financial, institutional, investor, customer, business partner, employee, and social and environment – is integrated, with each influencing and impacting the other.

Integrated thinking has strengthened and reinforced our business model and the way we do things at People’s Leasing. It has resulted in the integration of many aspects that has made the way we create value far more sustainable over the long term, helping us to minimise risks and avoid compartmentalisation to a greater degree while generating cost efficiencies and making capital allocation more efficient. This type of thinking also helped us to integrate:

  • Economic goals with the goals of the communities within which we operate
  • Business model with business opportunities in the market
  • Strategy with the ever-changing operating environment
  • Service standards across all customer touch-points leading to an integrated customer experience
  • Our key messages across all communication channels for greater stakeholder engagement
  • Employee training and development with newly upgraded systems and processes