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Annex 12: Annual Report Disclosure Checklist

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Particulars Page Number of the printed Annual Report
Corporate Profile
Clarity and Presentation 5
Vision and Mission Inner Front Cover
Core values and code of conduct/ethical principles Inner Front Cover
Overall strategic objectives 39
Profile of the Company Inner Back Cover
Directors’ profiles and their representation on Board of other companies & Governance Structure 104 and 120
Management Report and analysis including Directors’ Report/Chairman’s Review/CEO’s Review etc.
A general review of the performance of the company 67
Description of the performance of the various activities/products/segments of the Company and its Group companies during the period under review. 67
A brief summary of the Business and other Risks facing the organisation and steps taken to effectively manage such risks 159
A general review of the future prospects/outlook 28
Information on how the Company contributed to its responsibilities towards the staff (including health & safety) 59
Information on Company’s contribution to the Government & to the economy 10
Social responsibility initiatives (CSR) 64
Environment related initiatives 44 and 63
Environmental & Social Obligations 65
Integrated Reporting 7
Appropriateness of Disclosure of Accounting policies and General Disclosure
Disclosure of adequate and properly worded accounting policies relevant to assets, liabilities, income and expenditure in line with best reporting standards. 209
Any specific accounting policies 209
Impairment of Assets 214 and 216
Changes in accounting policies/Changes in accounting estimates 207
Accounting policy on subsidiaries 254
Segment Information
Comprehensive segment related information bifurcating Segment revenue, segment results and segment
capital employed
Availability of information regarding different segments and units of the entity as well as non-segmental entities/units 300
Segment assets 300
Segment Revenue 300
Segment Results 300
Turnover 300
Operating profit 300
Carrying amount of Net Segment assets 300
Financial Statements
Disclosures of all contingencies and commitments 295
Comprehensive related party disclosures 302
Disclosures of Remuneration & Facilities provided to Directors & CEO 302
Statement of Financial Position and related notes 189 and 240 to 297
Income Statement/Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income and related notes 187, 188 and 222 to 234
Statement of Changes in Equity/Stated Capital and Reserves 190 and 287 to 294
Disclosure of Types of Share Capital 287
Statement of Cash Flow 198
Consolidated Financial Statements (CFS) 187
Extent of compliance with the core IAS/IFRS or equivalent National Standards 200
Disclosures/Contents of Notes to Accounts 199
Information about Corporate Governance
Board of Directors, Chairman and CEO 104
Audit Committee (Composition, role, meetings, attendance, etc.) Internal Control & Risk Management 129
Ethics and Compliance 146
Remuneration and other Committees of Board 117
Human Capital 37
Communication to Shareholders & Stakeholders 20
Information available on website 5
Management Review and Responsibility 38
Disclosure by Board of Directors or audit Committee on the interim financial statements 129
Other investor information 86
Risk Management & Control Environment
Description of the Risk Management Framework 162
Risk Mitigation Methodology 159
Disclosure of Risk Reporting 308
Stakeholders Information
Distribution of shareholding 95
Shares held by Directors/Executives and relatives of Directors/Executives 94
Redressal of investors’ complaints Stakeholder Feedback Form
Graphical/Pictorial Data:
Earnings per Share 185
Stock Performance 90
Shareholders’ Funds (net assets) 70
Return on Shareholders' Funds 68
Horizontal/Vertical Analysis including following
Operating Performance (Income Statement) 82
Total Revenue 82
Operating expense and impairment 82
Profit before tax 82
Profit after tax 82
EPS 82
Statement of Financial Position
Shareholders' Funds 287
Property, Plant & Equipment 257
Loans and Advances to other customers 246
Deposits and borrowings 275, 276 and 286
Profitability/Dividends/Performance and Liquidity Ratios
Net Interest Income Ratio 36
Profit before provisions and tax 187
Price earnings ratio 10
Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio 10
Return on Capital Employed 10
Gearing Ratio 69
Statement of Value Added and Its Distribution
Government as taxes 231 and 232
Shareholders as dividend 10 and 234
Employees as bonus/remuneration 230
Retained by the Entity 190
Market share information of the Company’s product/services 36
Statement of capital position 36
Presentation of Financial Statements
Quality of the Report/Layout of Contents (Introducing our 53rd Annual Report) 5
Theme of the report 1
Clarity, simplicity and lucidity in presentation of Financial Statements 3
Timelines for issuing Financial Statements and holding AGMs (Financial Calendar) 181
Additional Disclosures
Sustainability Development Reporting 65
Value Creation Process 36
Business Model 34
Stakeholder and Materiality 23
Human Resource Accounting 37
Strategy and Resource Allocation (Strategic imperatives) 39
Compliance with Governance Directions and Codes 338
Specific Areas for Banking Sector
Disclosure of Ratings given by various rating agencies for the Bank and for its Instruments issued by/of Bank. Inner Back Cover
Details of Advances portfolio Classification wise as per the directions issued by the Central Bank 247
Disclosure on staging of financial assets:
  • Credit exposure movement - ECL stagewise
  • Provision for impairment (ECL) movement
Maturity Pattern of Key Assets and Liabilities 298
Classification and valuation of investments as per Accounting Standards 235
Business Ratio/Information:
  • Statutory liquidity ratios
  • Net interest income as a percentage of the total operating income
  • Return on Average Assets
  • Cost/ Income ratio
  • Net Asset Value Per Share
  • Profit per employee
  • Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio
  • CASA ratio
  • Statutory Reserve Requirement
  • Dividend Cover ratio
  • Gross Non-Performing assets to gross advances/Non-Performing Loans (Assets) to Total Loans (Assets)
Details of credit concentration/Sector-wise exposures 247
Disclosure under regulatory guidelines (Basel III - Disclosures under Pillar 3 as per the Banking
Act Direction No. 01 of 2016)
Disclosure on lease/hire purchase receivable 248
Disclosures for derivative investments 242 and 275
Bank’s Network: List of Centers or Branches 52