Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC

Annual Report 2018

Prudent Growth

At Commercial Bank, we are aware of our responsibility as a bank – an institution that is entrusted with the fiduciary duty of accepting and deploying vast sums of uncollateralised public funds. We undertake to leverage such funds responsibly through the creation of credit which in turn is essential for the growth and development of people and economies of the countries we operate in. Thus, while Banking is an essential service in modern society, it is vital that bankers earn the trust of customers for the smooth functioning of the industry. This has been a focal point in the Bank’s strategy for prudent growth which has engendered the trust of over 3.5 million customers, a virtue of a sustainable bank. As a member operating within a well-regulated and secure financial system, the Board of Directors is well aware of their fiduciary responsibility of governing the Bank’s activities meticulously while ensuring the Bank is adequately capitalised. This approach has enabled us to become the largest private sector bank in Sri Lanka in terms of business volumes and the third largest listed entity in terms of market capitalisation on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Our Bangladesh operations continued to be the third in terms of profitability among the nine foreign banks and the first among regional banks operating in Bangladesh.

Prudent growth over the year