Notes to the Financial Statements

1.1 General

SANASA Development Bank PLC is a licensed specialised bank established under the Banking Act No. 30 of 1988. It is a limited liability company, incorporated and domiciled in Sri Lanka. The registered office of the Bank is located at No. 12, Edmenton Road, Colombo 6. The Bank has a primary listing on the Colombo Stock Exchange.

1.2 Principal activities

SANASA Development Bank PLC provides a comprehensive range of financial services encompassing Development Banking, Corporate Banking, Personal Banking, Corporate and Trade Finance, Leasing and Other Associated Activities.

1.3 Parent entity and ultimate parent entity

The Bank does not have an identifiable parent of its own.

1.4 Date of authorisation of issue

The Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2018 were authorised for issue in accordance with a resolution of the Directors on 8 March 2019.