Bank of Ceylon takes an integrated approach to every aspect of its business, from stakeholder engagement and identification of material issues, to strategy formulation, risk management and corporate governance processes, operational aspects of business units, and the Bank’s reporting and corporate disclosure.

Determining Material Issues

BoC’s approach to materiality considers the effects and influence of a dynamic operating environment, the needs of our stakeholders, and the potential opportunities and threats to the Bank

An integrated overview of the operating context, an analytical assessment of its implications on the Bank and stakeholders, and the Bank’s response in seizing opportunities, mitigating threats, and delivering value, is outlined in the section on Operating Context

The Bank’s process of Materiality Assessment is described on in the section on Material Issues

Strategy Formulation and Resource Allocation

Operationalising Strategy through Our Business Lines

The Bank’s transformational future-focused strategy, efforts for prioritisation and resource allocation, and measurement of progress against our strategy, are detailed in the section on Transformational Strategy

Where We are Now?

SWOT analysis
Transformational Strategy

Where We Want To Be?

Strategic priorities
Transformational Strategy

How We Plan to Get There?

Strategic enablers
Transformational Strategy

Resource Allocation

Financial Capital

Social and Relationship Capital

Manufactured Capital

Intellectual Capital

Human Capital

Natural Capital

Resource Allocation and Capital Trade-Offs

Operationalising Strategy through Our Business Lines

The Bank’s business units are the primary agents in delivering our strategy. The business line reviews take a detailed look at their performance; including responsiveness to the operating environment and stakeholder needs and progress against the strategy.

Managing Risks, Ensuring Sound Corporate Governance and Embedding Sustainability

Bank of Ceylon incorporates a systematic and proactive approach to managing risks, which enables the Bank to consistently deliver value to stakeholders while promoting stability and resilience of the Bank.

Risk Management

A sound corporate governance framework undergirds all of the Bank’s actions. It ensures ethical and responsible behaviour across operations, and alignment with the Bank’s core values and principles.

Corporate Governance Report

As an Organisation with both financial and social goals, we incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our operations.

Sustainability aspect

Delivering Value to Our Stakeholders

Bank of Ceylon’s overall purpose of creating value for stakeholders is described in detail in the Stakeholder Outcomes. The section looks at the Bank’s key stakeholders and outlines the role of the Bank in fulfilling their expectations, delivering value, and achieving positive outcomes