Information and Communication Technology Committee

Committee composition during 2022

The following Directors were members of the Committee during the year 2022:

  • Mr G Harsha Wijayawardhana
    Non-Executive Director (Ceased to be a Director w.e.f.13 January 2023)
  • Mr A C Manilka Fernando
    Non-Executive Director
  • Mr Jayampathy Molligoda1
    Non-Executive Director
    (Resigned w.e.f. 31 January 2022)

Currently the Committee comprises of the following members:

  • Mr R M Priyantha Rathnayake
    Ex officio Director
  • Mr A C Manilka Fernando
    Non-Executive Director
  • Major General (Rtd) G A Chandrasiri vsv
    Non-Executive Director

Secretary to the Committee

The Secretary, Bank of Ceylon/Secretary to the Board who is an Attorney-at-Law and a Deputy General Manager, functions as the Secretary
to the Committee.

Regular participants

  • General Manager
  • Head of IT
  • Deputy General Manager
    (Product and Banking Development)
  • Chief Risk Officer

Attend upon invitation

  • Assistant General Managers attached to IT Division
  • Assistant General Manager
    (Product Development and Business Process Re-Engineering Project)
  • Any other member of the Board, the Corporate Management and Staff Member as decided by the Committee

Meetings held in 2022: 09

(Attendance given in the section on Corporate Governance of this Report)

Quorum: Two members

Role of Committee

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Committee Charter

The Terms of Reference of the ICT Committee are governed by the ICT Committee Charter, approved and adopted by the Board.

Principal Focus

The primary purpose of this Committee is to assist the Board of the Bank in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities with regard to the existence, operation and effectiveness of the IT products and services, policies, practices and IT infrastructure employed by the Bank to manage various types of IT products and services including major technology investments. It ensures that the Bank has a robust IT infrastructure and capabilities in place at all times, follows best practice and maintains alignment with Bank’s Corporate Plan by analysing emerging trends in technology.

Medium of Reporting

The proceedings of the ICT Committee meetings are tabled and ratified at the Board meetings and Board approval obtained thereof.

Areas of Focus and Activities in 2022

Monitoring Development

  • Monitored the ongoing IT developments/IT infrastructure enhancements in the Bank including that of overseas branches in Maldives, Chennai and Seychelles and guided on the proposed developments/ improvements.
  • Monitored the operations of the existing critical applications of the Bank and provided necessary guidance to rectify and resolve existing issues.
  • Monitored the progress of the proposed digital banking solution (Internet and Mobile banking system (B-APP) for the Bank.
  • Reviewed the revamping of Corporate Website of the Bank.
  • Discussed the Bank’s digital initiatives embedded in the Corporate Plan.
  • Initiated the digital signature platform for the Bank.
  • Reviewed the proposed bio metric-based payment solution.

Resources – Human

  • Assisted to fulfill the required
    HR for IT Division.
  • Followed up on the recruitment process of a new Chief Information Officer (CIO)


  • Recommended the following
    • Information Security Policy of Maldives Branch.
    • Cyber Security Policy of Maldives Branch.
    • Information Security Policy of Seychelles Branch.
    • Reviewed the Committee Charter.

Way Forward

The Committee will endeavor to ensure that the Bank’s technology programmes support the Bank’s business objectives and strategies and provide the appropriate data security.


The members of the Information and Communication Technology Committee have evaluated the Committee’s performance during the year 2022 for effectiveness and efficiency.

The Committee wishes to record an appreciation for Mr G Harsha Wijayawardhana, who was the Chairman of the Committee during the year 2022, for the great contribution made by him to this Committee.

On behalf of the Information and Communication Technology Committee

R M Priyantha Rathnayake
Information and Communication Technology Committee

24 February 2023