1 Reporting Entity

2 Directors’ responsibility for financial statements

3 Basis of preparation

4 Significant accounting policies

5 Insurance business

6 New and amended standards and interpretations

7 Total income

8 Net interest income

9 Net fee and commission income

10 Net gains/(losses) from trading

11 Net fair value gains/(losses) from financial instruments at fair value through profit or loss

12 Net gains/(losses) from derecognition of financial assets

13 Net other operating income

14 Impairment charge/(reversal) for loans and other losses

15 Personnel expenses

16 Depreciation and amortisation expenses

17 Other expenses

18 Taxes

19 Share of profits/(losses) of associate companies, net of tax

20 Earnings per share and dividend per share

21 Analysis of financial instruments by measurement basis

22 Cash and cash equivalents

23 Balances with central banks

24 Placements with banks

25 Securities purchased under resale agreements

26 Derivative financial instruments

27 Financial assets recognised through profit or loss – measured at fair value

28 Loans and advances to customers

29 Financial assets at amortised cost – debt and other instruments

30 Financial assets measured at fair value through OCI

31 Investment in subsidiary companies

32 Investment in associate companies

33 Investment properties

34 Property, plant and equipment

35 Right of use assets/leasehold properties

36 Intangible assets

37 Deferred tax (assets)/liabilities

38 Other assets

39 Due to banks

40 Securities sold under repurchase agreements

41 Derivative financial instruments

42 Financial liabilities at amortised cost – due to depositors

43 Financial liabilities at amortised cost – other borrowings

44 Debt securities issued

45 Current tax liabilities/(assets)

46 Insurance contract liabilities

47 Other liabilities

48 Employee retirement benefit plans

49 Subordinated liabilities

50 Share capital

51 Permanent reserve fund

52 Retained earnings

53 Cash flow hedge reserve

54 Other reserves