The Bank uses a comprehensive approach to determine its corporate strategy, resulting in the development of a three-year Corporate Plan. To stay abreast of the changing dynamics in the operating landscape, the Plan undergoes annual review and refinement.

BoC's strategy seeks to capitalise on its fundamental strengths, including its leading market position, to become a competitive, future-ready organisation that can respond and adapt with agility to an evolving operating environment. This transformational strategy was initiated in 2018 and undergoes annual review and revision as part of the Bank's strategic cycle.

Where We are Now


  • Market leader in assets, deposits, loans, inward remittances and customer penetration
  • Unparalleled branch network
  • Leading banking brand in the country
  • Trust and confidence among public
  • Large correspondent banking network with wide coverage
  • Extensive stakeholder partnerships


  • Limited appeal to millennials and younger demographics
  • Challenges in rolling out technology and innovation due to size of operations
  • Legacy systems and challenges in integration
  • Challenges in maintaining consistency in service quality and customer experience across all contact points due to extensive network
  • Risk of high Stage 3 loan exposure


  • Increasing digital adoption by customers
  • Government thrust towards exports and SME sectors
  • Increasing digital literacy in the country
  • Opportunities in pursuing green finance
  • Changing lifestyles of the population
  • Expected economic revival with the post pandemic environment and negotiations of debt restructuring
  • Reform and restructuring of SOE sector.


  • Weakened macro-economic climate and stressed external sector
  • Downgrading of Sri Lanka’s sovereign credit rating
  • Increasing competition from newer, more agile banks
  • Increasing sophistication in customer demands
  • Intensifying implications of climate change
  • Cybersecurity risks
  • Impact of foreign domestic debt restructuring.

Where We Want To Be

Excellence in customer service

Ensuring consistent and superior customer experience across all brick and mortar, and virtual platforms.

Retaining market leadership

Leverage the Bank’s brand strength and unmatched customer penetration, offer relevant products and superior customer experience: to maintain market leadership position.

Leading in digital adoption

Transforming the experience of both internal and external customers by adopting cutting-edge technology.

Best in Sustainable Banking

Effectively address challenges prevalent in the economic, social and environmental spheres by deploying proactive and meaningful solutions.

How We Plan to Get There and How We Measure Success


  • Net promoter score
  • Customer satisfaction score
  • Customers acquired
  • Customer penetration
  • Contact points
  • Brand strength

Digital excellence

  • Growth in digital transactions
  • Customers on boarded to virtual platforms
  • Digitally enabled customers
  • Virtually enabled customers

Rewarding credit culture and healthy credit portfolio

  • Growth in loan book
  • Reduction in Stage 3 ratio
  • Facilities rescheduled/ restructured
  • Customer awareness programmes held

Building a high performing team

  • Retention rate
  • Training hours per employee
  • Net profit per employee
  • Value added per employee
  • Female representation

Stability, governance and sustainable growth

  • Economic value created
  • Community investments
  • Carbon footprint
  • Renewable energy generated