Resilient Resolve Revive

Decades of service as one of the leading banks in the country has built within us, solid reserves of resilience and resolve in navigating many diverse situations and operating climates, in service to our Nation and people. Now, the need of the hour is to seek a sustainable economic revival as well as satisfactory levels of social wellbeing for all. The Bank of Ceylon has committed itself to this goal, bringing to the table all the resilience and resolve necessary to work tirelessly to seek its fruition.

The Bank has led from the front supporting vital stakeholder enterprises particularly in the essential services sector, whilst also looking beyond profit towards strategies and initiatives that will help all stakeholders on this journey. As we look ahead to the future the Bank is committed more than ever, to continue to be a key partner in the revival of Sri Lanka and its people.


To be the Nation’s preferred bank with a strong global presence providing customer centric innovative financial solutions.


To provide highly efficient, customer focused, technologically sophisticated, resilient and innovative financial services to the Nation with global access, empowering employees and enhancing value to the stakeholders.


In achieving our vision to be the Nation’s preferred bank with a strong global presence, providing customer centric innovative financial solutions, we are committed to upholding our five core values as follows,

Being customer-centric

Respecting all forms of diversity

Committing towards high level of ethics, governance and professionalism

Focusing towards agility and innovation

Being accountable for all our actions