Corporate Governance

Chairman’s statement

I am pleased to introduce the Bank’s Corporate Governance Report on behalf of our Board. The Corporate Governance Report provides an insight into how the Board operated and the key issues considered during the year.

The Board sets the example for employees of the Bank by implementing the highest standards of business ethics and corporate governance.

The high standards of corporate governance continue to be a key priority for the Board. Corporate governance practices of the Bank are in accordance with the Board approved Corporate Governance Charter of the Bank.

The Bank’s corporate governance framework is well-structured and is supported by a strong focus on integrity, transparency, and clear and timely communication.

We continually review the framework within which we operate and the processes implemented to ensure that they reflect the complexities of our business and meet the needs of our stakeholders.

I confirm to the best of my knowledge that there were no material violations of any of the provisions of the Directions of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, other applicable laws and regulations, Codes of Conduct, and other related policies and procedures of the Bank.

J Durairatnam
18 February 2020