Business Model


DFCC is part of a socio-economic ecosystem and we recognise that we are dependent on robust relationships with our stakeholders in all our operations. We proactively identify their needs and expectations to find out how best we could integrate their concerns into our decision-making process. In keeping with our focus to be “Connected”, the first step of stakeholder engagement is to identify stakeholders and the issues that are material to them. The following outlines the stakeholder groups of DFCC:

Shareholders and investors

Our investors ensure continued growth through the provision of equity and debt capital. In this interdependent relationship, it is our responsibility to provide optimal and sustainable returns to their investments.

Our Corporate Communications Policy and Investor forums help our investors to understand our future strategies and sustainable development goals to make informed decisions about investments in the Bank. Information about financial performance and progress is made public through the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) and is also communicated through the Annual Report, media releases, and the website. We make every effort to convey context and insight on the Bank’s value creation process.


Customers form the heart of our business and customer-focus provides the basis to achieve a profitable and sustainable business. By understanding their current and emerging needs and requirements, we provide them with a portfolio of financial products and services. We are committed to deliver great client experiences with simpler, convenient and efficient service, innovative products, and competitively priced products through our customer-centric strategy.


Our employees form the backbone of the Bank embodying our core values to achieve our strategic objectives. We empower our people with continuous training, fostering innovation and creativity within the workplace to spur collaboration that cuts across traditional boundaries. DFCC Bank’s Internal Code of Conduct is accessible to its employees via the internal web portal. The Code of Conduct expresses our business ethics in relation to avoidance of conflicts of interest, insider dealings, unfair business practices, and the confidentiality of sensitive information. Our Whistle-Blowing Policy encourages employees to report any observations of illegal or unethical practices. A Board-approved Grievance Handling Policy ensures that employees are provided with a fair and equitable work environment.

Business partners

Our business partners include institutions providing lines of credit as well as vendors providing goods and services. We maintain strong relationships with our business partners to secure the timely acquisition of goods and services to support our operations. They are an important constituent of the Bank’s value chain, and with their support and participation, we create sustainable value. For the Bank’s suppliers, a Procurement Policy has been established. Communication with suppliers primarily revolve around quality, reliability, and pricing, while building mutually-rewarding, long-term relationships.


Regulators protect and enhance the country’s financial system through the implementation of rules and regulations. DFCC has embraced sustainable banking practices and regulatory compliance that enable a safe and stable banking system. Regulators enable the right business environment to enhance customer confidence and mitigate reputation risks. The Bank abides by these rules and regulations by complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and conducting business in an ethical, transparent, and responsible manner.

Communications with regulators often cover compliance with regulations, business operations, financial information pertaining to the Bank, voluntary guidelines and best practices, new legal and regulatory developments, financial inclusion, and matters affecting the financial sector.

The Bank also engages with regulators through industry bodies through the timely submission of prescribed reports and returns, participation in meetings, forums, task forces, and conferences, as well as media releases and the corporate website.

Society and environment

Society and environment are the source of our workforce and all stakeholders and it is a key component of our social license to operate. Accordingly, we mold our sustainable operations and initiatives to embrace our communities we operate in and work with them to enhance their wellbeing to foster mutually-beneficial partnerships.

We support the local community through volunteer efforts and CSR activities that cover financial inclusion, entrepreneurial development, education, environment conservation, emergency relief, and sponsor-deserving causes. We also make substantial efforts to minimise our environmental impact and are committed to the continual development of our environmental platform.

Stakeholder engagement

Being a responsible corporate entity, DFCC Bank considers engagement with our varied groups of stakeholders is key for creating a sustainable business. We always seek to understand our stakeholder expectations and use the feedback obtained to continuously improve our operations by maintaining an open dialogue with our stakeholders at all times. The methodology used in stakeholder engagement, along with the frequency and key topics raised is shown below:

Type of stakeholder Mode of engagement Frequency Key topics discussed
Shareholders and investors Annual General Meeting Annually
  • Board governance
  • Sustainable performance of the Bank
  • Plans to optimise returns to shareholders
  • Local and international expansion plans
Corporate website Periodically
Annual reports Annually
Colombo Stock Exchange announcements Quarterly/As and when required
Press conferences and media releases As and when required
Investor forums and road shows As and when required
Investor relations hotline Continuous
Meetings and teleconferences As and when required
Customers Corporate website Continuous
  • Products, services, Corporate news
  • How to improve service standards
  • Customer relationship management
  • Corporate activity
  • Awareness of products, services and promotions
  • Customer service
  • Topics to enhance business output
  • Initiatives towards digitisation
Facebook Continuous
Customer satisfaction surveys Periodically
Branches Continuous
Relationship Managers Continuous
Media releases As and when required
Advertising and promotional campaigns As and when required
New product launches As and when required
Contact Centre Continuous
Customer training workshops Periodically
Employees Employee surveys Periodically
  • Employee feedback
  • Information on products, services, polices, and guidelines
  • Feedback, new ideas, suggestions
  • Progress on scorecard
  • Progress and updates on action
  • Training and development
  • Events, news, updates
  • Employee fellowship
Human resources intranet portal Continuous
Employee suggestion box Continuous
Performance review systems Bi-annually
Staff meetings Continuous
Employee training workshops and seminars Continuous
Email bulletins Continuous
Special employee events Periodically
Employee newsletter Weekly
Business partners Meetings As and when required
  • Health of the Bank and developments
  • Engagement activities with suppliers
  • Responsible procurement
Corporate website Continuous
Teleconferences As and when required
Annual reports Annually
Supplier Management Policy Continuous
Meetings As and when required
Regulators Prudential reports Monthly
  • Compliance with best practices
  • Compliance with Government regulations
  • Developments in the financial sector
  • Access to finance
  • Business and financial information
  • Corporate developments
Meetings As and when required
Forums and conferences As and when required
Participation in task forces As and when required
Corporate website Continuous
Media releases As and when required
Society and environment CSR initiatives Continuous
  • Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Investing in the community through sponsorships
  • Responsible lending
  • CSR project awareness
  • Media briefings
  • CSR initiatives
  • Communication to general public
  • Entrepreneur and SME development
  • Fellowship with media
Corporate website Continuous
Sponsorships Continuous
Branch network Continuous
Public events Periodically
Contact Centre Continuous
Media releases As and when required
Discussions with editors and journalists As and when required
Annual media get-together Annually
Press conferences As and when required