Customer Capital

Customer profile

The Bank’s branch network continued to expand with a focus on the Southern and Western Provinces. Resultantly, an increase in the customer base was seen in these provinces.

The DFCC Group

The Bank’s primary lines of business are complemented by the Bank’s subsidiaries.


Industrial estate management

Information technology services

Investment banking

Licensed unit trust and investment management


Our Portfolio

Primary lines of business



Branch, SME
and MSME






Credit line/Subsidy scheme supported project loans

for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

SMILE III Revolving Fund
for SMEs

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Line of Credit (SMELoC)
for SMEs

Swashakthi (Micro and Small Enterprises Development Loan Scheme)
for Micro and Small Enterprises

Loan Scheme for Resumption of Economic Activities affected by Disasters (READ)
for small-scale businesses affected by a disaster

E-friends II Revolving Fund
for pollution reduction and efficiencies improvements

Smallholder Agribusiness Partnership Programme (SAPP)
for agriculture smallholders

Rooftop Solar Power Generation Line of Credit (RSPGLoC)
for rooftop solar systems of up to 50 kW

New Comprehensive Rural Credit Scheme (NCRCS)
for short-term cultivation

Loans scheme under “Enterprise Sri Lanka”

Jaya Isura
for SMEs

Ran Aswenna
for small scale farmers and Agro and Fish processing

Govi Nawodaya
for small scale farmers

Rivi Bala Savi
for small scale household rooftop solar

Green Loan
for small scale producers of biodegradable products; and small scale “home stay” tourism owners

Other project loans

Term loans
for corporates, SMEs, professionals and individuals

DFCC credit card

The only Credit Card that offers 1% Cashback on every swipe
for corporates, self-employed individuals, professionals and salaried individuals

Working capital financing

Short-term working capital financing – overdrafts, revolving credit or short-term working capital loans
for corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs and current account holders

Medium, long-term loans to finance permanent working capital requirements
for corporates, SMEs and entrepreneurs

Vardhana Sahaya

A one-stop financial solution offering loans, leases, bank guarantees and other commercial facilities
for MSMEs

Leasing facilities

“Easy Leasing” facilities for brand new and unregistered/registered vehicles, machinery, plant and equipment
for corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals

Hire purchase facilities

Hire purchase facilities for vehicles
for corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals

Guarantee facilities

Bid bonds, advance payment bonds, performance bonds, bank guarantees for credit purchase of goods
for corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals

Time deposits

A wide range of tailor-made time deposit products at competitive interest rates
for corporates, SMEs and individuals

Loan syndication

Loans provided by a group of lenders which is structured, arranged and administered by one or several banks
for corporates

Consultancy and advisory services

Provision of legal, tax, finance, market and other advisory services to start up a new business or revamp existing businesses
for corporates, SMEs and entrepreneurs

Savings facilities

Supreme Vaasi – Offers a superior rate of interest
for businesses and individuals aged 18 years and above

Mega Bonus – Interest rates grow in tandem with the savings deposits
for businesses and individuals aged 18 years and above

Xtreme Saver – Offers the highest interest rate for Rupee and Dollar denominated savings based on the account balance
for businesses and individuals aged 18 years and above

DFCC Junior – Children’s savings account offering a range of gifts and support for higher education
for children below 18 years of age

DFCC Junior Plus – Children’s savings account with a higher interest rate
for children below 18 years of age

DFCC Garusaru – Offers an attractive interest rate with a range of other benefits
for senior citizens above 55 years of age

Personal loans

Loans that help meet personal financing requirements
for salaried employees and professionals, and salaried individuals

Pawning services

Ranwarama Pawning – Gold-pledged advances
for the mass market/individuals

Housing loans

DFCC Home Loans – Flexible and convenient housing loans at affordable rates
for self-employed individuals, professionals and salaried individuals

Education loans

DFCC Nenasa – Flexible and convenient loan facilities for higher education
for individuals pursuing higher studies

Digital products

DFCC Virtual Wallet

DFCC iConnect


Premier Go


SMS alerts

Internet banking
for corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals


for corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals

Other services

Includes current accounts, overdraft facilities, foreign currency accounts, international trade services, off-shore banking, international payments, foreign money transfer via Western Union/Lanka Money Transfer and local payments.
for the business community, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals

Branch network and service delivery

The Bank expanded its branch network in 2018 by converting 10 extension offices (Sri Lanka Post Banking Units) into fully-fledged branches. The Bank expanded its presence in busy commercial centres with the opening of branches in Nivithigala, Urubokka, Buttala, Wellawaya, Eppawela, Marawila, Mawanella, Ruwanwella, Godakawela and Mahiyanganaya. Customers also have access to the Bank’s services through over 3,800 ATMs across the island. The Bank embraces technology in expanding its reach to customers outside of the traditional brick and mortar via Internet and mobile banking services. Customers also have access to the Bank through its 24/7 Call Centre and the Bank’s website.

New product and service innovations

Product responsibility

Customers are increasingly becoming tech-savvy and expect to be well-informed before committing to purchases and services. Consumers use social media and other online resources to broadcast their experiences and satisfaction, or lack thereof, to broad audiences, which can impact the Bank’s business and reputation. Therefore, transparency and clarity in product labelling is a responsibility of the Bank.

DFCC Bank takes this responsibility seriously by providing transparent and relevant information to its customers. Information about products and services are available in all three languages and employees are available to provide more information where necessary. The Bank also conducts events across the country to educate current and potential customers about its products and services.

Focus on social responsibility

DFCC Bank continued to support the communities it is a part of during 2018 through various initiatives in line with its strategic CSR pillars. Read more in the Social and Environment Capital section.

Customer privacy

DFCC Bank makes every effort to protect the privacy of its customers, which it recognises as fundamental to building trust and developing the relationship between itself and its customers. The Bank utilises secure systems and procedures to reinforce banking transactions and continuously develops and upgrades these systems. Customer privacy is an integral part of the Employee Code of Conduct, ensuring that employees understand the importance of protecting the privacy of their customers and play their part in upholding the secure systems and procedures of the Bank.

Customer satisfaction and complaint handling

The Bank reaches its customers through an extensive network of touch points ranging from conventional brick and mortar to Internet and mobile centric digital banking solutions that include DFCC Virtual Wallet, Premier Go and DFCC iConnect. Keeping up with ever changing customer aspirations and preferences is a fundamental reason for the Bank using cutting-edge banking technology to reach the customer, and while many customers prefer to bank via conventional means for the human touch, upcoming generations of customers demand a contextual banking experience. In light of this, the Bank will continue to come up with innovative means of expanding its reach.

Marketing communications

The Bank engages with customers and potential customers over multiple channels in English, Sinhala and Tamil. A Board-approved Corporate Communications Policy and Social Media Policy defines how the Bank engages with customers and the Bank works to ensure that its information is accurate and complies with the policies, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Bank’s Customer Charter.

The Bank carried out various brand-building initiatives during 2018 such as marketing and seasonal campaigns, event sponsorships, and customer engagement activities. Further details can be found in other sections of this Report.

Call centre operations

As the first contact point for customers who call the Bank, the Call Centre provides an important service at the Bank and operates under the Payments and Digital Channels department. The Call Centre conducts inbound and outbound functions 24 hours, seven days a week to ensure the smooth functioning of the Bank’s operations.

Multi channel customer touch points

Handling product queries and activations

Call Centre staff members are trained and coached on all DFCC Bank products and are briefed on whenever a new product or system is launched. A comprehensive customer validation methodology has been adopted and applied before any information is provided to customers.