Supplementary Information

Annex 12: Alphabetical Index

Page No. of the printed Annual Report
About the Bank 10
Accounting Policies 259
Acronyms and Abbreviations 450
Annual Report of the Board of Directors 3
Awards and accolades 34
Basel III Disclosures under Pillar III 411
Board of Directors and Profiles 138
Business Model 54
Capital Commitments 345
Composition of Shareholders 133
Connecting with Stakeholders 36
Contingent Liabilities and Commitments 346
Corporate Information Inner Back Cover
Corporate Management
and Profiles
Correspondent Banks and
Agent Network
Cost-Income Ratio 120
D – SIB Assessment exercise 422
Decade at a Glance 118
Directors’ Interests in Contracts with the Bank 201
Directors’ Statement on Internal Control over Financial Reporting 197
Dividend Cover 14
Dividend Per Share 14
Dividends on ordinary share 284
Donations 281
Earnings Per Share 283
Effective Tax Rate 282
Employee Share Option Plan 338
Events After the Reporting Period 386
Financial Calendar – 2022 and 2023 231
Financial Capital 54
Financial Goals and Achievements 14
Financial Highlights 14
Financial Risk Review 358
Financial Statements 237
Governance and Risk Management 138
GRI Content Index 424
GRI Disclosures – 5 Year Summary 430
Group Structure 122
Income Statement 237
Income Statement (US Dollars) 442
Independent Assurance Report
on Integrated Reporting
Independent Assurance Report on Sustainability Reporting criteria 433
Independent Assurance Report on Internal Control 199
Independent Assurance Report on Non-Financial Reporting – DNV 437
Independent Auditors’ Report 232
Interest Cover 137
Investor Relations 124
Liquid Assets Ratio 14
Litigation Against the Bank 346
Management Committees 161
Management Discussion
and Analysis
Managing Director/Chief
Executive Officer’s Review
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer's and Chief Financial Officer’s Statement of Responsibility 200
Market Capitalisation 129
Market Prices of Shares 129
Material Matters 40
Maturity Analysis 348
Message from the Chairman 26
Net Assets Value per
Ordinary Share
Network of delivery points in Bangladesh 81
Network of Delivery points in
Sri Lanka
Notes to the Financial Statements 249
Notice of Meeting – Annual General Meeting 454
Operating Segments 350
Our Journey over 100 years 18
Price Earnings Ratio 14
Principal business activities and nature of operations 249
Related Party Disclosures 352
Report of the Board Audit Committee 168
Report of the Board Credit Committee 181
Report of the Board Human Resources and Remuneration Committee 177
Report of the Board Integrated Risk Management Committee 172
Report of the Board Investment Committee 182
Report of the Board Nomination Committee 175
Report of the Board Related Party Transactions Review Committee 179
Report of the Board Strategy Development Committee 186
Report of the Board Technology Committee 184
Risk Governance and Management 203
Senior Management 150
Share-based Payment 338
Statement of Cash Flows 248
Statement of Changes in Equity 240
Statement of Compliance 188
Statement of Directors’ Responsibility for Financial Reporting 195
Statement of Financial Position 239
Statement of Financial Position
(US Dollars)
Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income 238
Subsidiaries and Associates of
the Group
Twenty Largest Shareholders 131