A series of events of great adversity over the recent past combined to unleash a perfect storm in Sri Lanka. No person or sector of endeavour including the banking industry was spared the ill effects of the economic mayhem that followed. Despite the many negatives experienced, the inherent strength coupled with the yeoman effort and professionalism of our staff helped the Bank to remain resilient. We also kept faith in our proven prudence of strategy, and adherence to a progressive drive towards enhancements in technology, customer convenience and operational efficiencies, to take the Bank forward. These lend context to the overall performance for the year and the solidity of the Bank’s proposition.

Our Vision

To be the most technologically advanced, innovative and customer friendly financial services organization in Sri Lanka, poised for further expansion in South Asia.

Our Mission

Providing reliable, innovative, customer friendly financial services, utilizing cutting edge technology and focusing continuously on productivity improvement whilst developing our staff and acquiring necessary expertise to expand locally and regionally.

Our Purpose

To be a responsible financial services provider by enabling and empowering people, enterprises and communities towards environmentally-responsible, socially-inclusive and economically-enriching growth.

Our Values

  • Honesty–We strive to earn and retain the trust of our stakeholders through transparent actions that inspire them and align with their values.
  • Integrity–Maintaining our integrity is of paramount importance to us in ensuring that our brand value keeps growing for all stakeholders.
  • Fairness–We focus on doing the right thing by all our stakeholders so that their trust in us continues to deepen, enriching invaluable relationships.
  • Responsible citizenship–Continuing our commitment to the community we focus on making lives better and being a force for good.
  • Accountability–We live by our brand values, ready to take responsibility for our actions towards all stakeholders.

Message from the Chairman

When the global and local operating environment is volatile, we ensure that we frequently take stock of our strategic direction and reassess and recalibrate adopting an agile process to accommodate evolving challenges.

Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer’s Review

We continued to make substantial investments in technology with a view to transitioning every step of the customer journey to digital, elevating their experience and making every interaction rewarding on one hand and optimising business processes leading to enhanced operational efficiencies on the other.