Organisational Overview

Non-financial Highlights

Table – 02

Sustainability pillar Capital/Indicator Unit of measure/Description 2022 2021 Impacted outcome
Sustainable banking Intellectual capital
Brand Equity (Brand Finance) Rs. Bn. 46.700 43.657 Customer centricity
Brand Ranking (Brand Finance) Number 3 4
Compliance with industry standards- ISO 27001:2103, PCI-DSS, Baseline Security Standards Compliance Yes Yes
  • Prudent growth
  • Stability and resilience
  • Operational excellence
Key digital banking initiatives/products introduced during the year Type of innovation Flash toolkit First bank in Sri Lanka to integrate with the Import and Export Control Department for online payments
  • Leading through innovation,
  • Financial Inclusion,
  • Sustainable products and services
Wearable banking
through Flash
Innovative features for flash digital account
Arunalu children’s savings account in foreign currency Becoming the first bank to launch Viber Banking in Sri Lanka
Millionaire Investment Plan in foreign currency Automation of the process of early Redemption of eFD
Personal loan request feature on ComBank Digital The new “Q+ Online Pay” facility was launched
Listed in Top 1000 Banks in the World Number For 12 consecutive years For 11 consecutive years Stability and resilience
Employees serving for > 20 years Number 854 797 Operational Excellence
Number of existing customers migrated to online banking channels as at the end of the year Number 265,183 212,806
  • Responsible finance
  • Financial Inclusion
New customer acquisition through digital channels Number 9,539 12,491
Total number of financial transactions initiated through digital channels during the year Number 49,086,590 37,841,881
ComBank digital customer base as at the end of the year Number Over 800,000 Over 500,000
Social and network capital
Bank’s position as a lender to the SMEs Ministry of Finance Data Largest SME lender in 2021 Largest SME lender in 2020
Facilities subjected to SEMS screening during the year Number 11,792 9,938
Adoption of IFC Performance Standards Compliance Yes Yes
Responsible organisation Human capital
Employment opportunities created at the end of the year Number 5,121 5,072
  • Green and safe workplace
  • Job Security
  • Training and development
  • Empowered and engaged staff
New recruits during the year Number 369 226
Investment in training and development during the year Rs. Mn. 65.375 22.955
Total training hours during the year Hours 151,448 79,928
Natural capital
Reforestation Area Initiated the reforestation of a 100-hectare degraded habitat belonging to the Kandegama forest in Polonnaruwa District
  • Environmental engagement
  • Green processes and facilities
  • Managing the footprint
  • Secure social license
Mangrove restoration Number of plants
Coverage meters
7,000 plants
1,250 meters
Paper recycled Kgs 189,800 143,060
Green financing portfolio Rs. Mn. 16,476 15,585
Contribution of Green finance portfolio for reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere as at December 31 CO2 Tonnes. 229,752.47 225,847.33
Energy consumption Gigajoules 38,416 42,906
Solar power generated as a % of energy consumption 4.38% 2.35%
Total carbon footprint
Direct (Scope 1) GHG emissions CO2 Tonnes Pending 1,203
Energy indirect (Scope 2)
GHG emissions
CO2 Tonnes Pending 7,144
Community Sustainability Social and network capital
IT labs established in rural schools at the end of the year Total number 280 253
  • Social engagement
  • Empowered communities
  • Affordable and inclusive finance Secure social license
Students benefited from IT labs Total number Approximately 40,000 Approximately 35,000
STEM classrooms in schools at the end of the year Total number 140 97
Students benefited from STEM classrooms as at the end of the year Total number Over 50,000
Math labs established in rural
schools at the end of the year
Total number 85 41
Computer coding clubs as at the end of the year Number of schools In 100 schools In 100 schools
Supported the Vocational
Training Authority to enroll students from government schools and providing jobs as at the end of
the year
Number of jobs provided Over 280 Over 200
MSME participants in Financial literacy programmes conducted by the Bank Total number 12,699 11,859
Members in ComBank BIZ Club Total number 5,243 4,807
Participants in Capacity-building programmes for women entrepreneurs Total number 425 278
Donation of critical medical equipment and infrastructure facilities to government hospitals Value and Number of hospitals Rs. 17.5 Mn. and 8 hospitals Rs. 26.3 Mn. and 25 hospitals