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Organisational overview

Non-financial highlights

Table – 02
Sustainability Pillar Capital/Indicator Unit of Measure 2023 2022 Impacted Outcome

sustainable banking

Sustainable banking

Intellectual capital

Brand Equity (Brand Finance) Rs. Bn. 43.600 46.700 Customer centricity
promoting financial inclusion
Brand ranking (Brand Finance) Number 3 3
Compliance with industry standards- ISO 27001:2103,PCI-DSS, Baseline Security Standards Compliance Yes Yes Prudent growth
Key digital banking initiatives/products introduced during the year New product/feature Flash FAM Flash toolkit Lead through innovation for sustainable products and services
Commercial Bank LEAP GlobalLinker Flash Wearable Banking
eSavings & eMoney Market accounts Arunalu Children Savings account in foreign currency
“SimplePay” to facilitate digital payments, particularly for SME merchants Millionaire Investment Plan in foreign currency
“Visa Direct” and “MasterCard Send” card-based fund transfer facilities Loans against eFD
“Green home loan” and
“Green building loan”
Personal loan request feature on ComBank Digital
e-FDs opened during the year as a % of total FDs opened % 50 27
YoY Growth in digital banking retail customer base % 46 49 Customer centricity
promoting financial inclusion
Number of existing customers migrated to online banking channels as at the end of the year Number 335,322 265,183
Total number of financial transactions initiated through digital channels during the year Number (Mn.) 58.265 49.087
ComBank digital customer base
as at the end of the year
Number Over 1,100,000 Over 800,000
Digital penetration % 36 29

Social and relationship capital

Facilities subjected to SEMS
screening during the year
Number 11,925 11,792 Prudent growth
leveraging responsible finance
Green financing portfolio Rs. Bn. 17.76 16.48
Green Financing Facilities disbursed
during the year
Number 649 261
Contribution of Green finance portfolio for reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere CO2 Tonnes. 233,918 229,752
Adoption of IFC Performance Standards Complied with Yes Yes
Bank's position as a lender to the SMEs Ministry of Finance Data Largest SME lender in 2022 Largest SME lender in 2021 Customer centricity
promoting financial inclusion
MSME participants in financial literacy programmes conducted by the Bank Total Number (accumulated since 2011) 14,907 12,699
Members in ComBank BIZ Club Total Number 5,678 5,243
Participants in Capacity-building programmes for women entrepreneurs Total Number 567 425


Responsible organisation

Human Capital

Employment opportunities created at the end of the year Number 5,201 5,121 Green and safe workplace,
workplace culture
New recruits during the year Number 589 369
Investment in training and development during the year Rs. Mn. 88.620 65.375
Total training hours during the year Hours 180,313 151,448

Natural capital

Paper recycled Kgs 286,240 189,800 Green and safe workplace,
workplace culture
Reduction in paper usage Number of A4 bundles 27,000 51,500
Branches connected with solar power generation Number 82 71
Power generated through renewable sources % 16.09 15.09
Total carbon footprint
Direct (Scope 1) GHG emissions CO2 Tonnes 850 1,880
Energy indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissions CO2 Tonnes 5,581 6,496

community sustainability

Community engagement

Natural capital

Reforestation Area 12,000 trees planted under the “100,000 Trees for Tomorrow”
Initiated the reforestation of a 100-hectare degraded habitat belonging to the Kandegama forest in the Polonnaruwa District Environmental engagement
Mangrove restoration Scientific research publication/maintenance and eco-tourism promotion 12,000 trees were planted to cover 1.250 km
in Kathduwa and
Madolduwa islands
Sea turtles released to date Number Over 72,000 Over 50,000

Social & relationship capital

IT labs established in rural schools at the end of the year Total Number 334 280 Social engagement
Number of students benefitted
from IT labs
Total Number approximately 300,000 approximately 250,000
STEM classrooms in schools at the end of the year Total Number 170 140
Students benefitted from STEM classrooms at the end of the year Total Number approximately 160,000 approximately 130,000
Math labs established in rural schools at the end of the year Total Number 122 85
Supported the Vocational Training Authority to enroll students from Government schools and providing jobs at the end of the year Number of jobs provided Over 340 Over 280
Donation of critical medical equipment and infrastructure facilities to Government hospitals Value and Number of hospitals Rs. 16.0 Mn. and 8 hospitals Rs. 17.5 Mn. and 8 hospitals
Initiatives to support social enterprise (initiated in 2023) N/A Collaboration with IFC and Sarvodaya to support establishing a Childcare Centre in Batticaloa N/A Social enterprise
Collaboration with UNDP to donate a food dehydrating machine to Hettipola Village