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Operating environment

Connecting with stakeholders

Engaging with stakeholders involves recognising the unique expectations of various stakeholder groups, understanding their differences, devising appropriate engagement strategies, prioritising their needs and actively seeking and responding to their feedback. This approach aims to foster enduring and mutually beneficial relationships, ensuring the Bank remains aligned with its core values and ethical principles. By consistently delivering on its commitments, the Bank aims to establish itself as a reliable and influential leader in financial services, leaving a lasting impression on stakeholders.

The Bank interacts with a vast array of internal and external stakeholders, crucial for value creation and sustainability. While legal obligations highlight certain groups like employees and investors, the pervasive influence of social media has expanded the stakeholder landscape to virtually anyone interacting with the Bank. This proliferation complicates stakeholder selection and prioritisation, challenging communication standardisation across networks and media. Stakeholders’ preferences and expectations further complicate engagement strategies, intensified by recent unprecedented conditions. Yet, this turbulence emphasises the pressing need to deeply engage, understanding concerns and aspirations to engage appropriately.

In this swiftly evolving banking land scape, the shift from physical to digital engagement is evident. Particularly, customers prefer digital interactions, favouring the comfort and convenience of remote engagement. The digital wave is not a passing trend – it is here to stay.

Acknowledging these dynamics, the Bank has identified key stakeholders given in the Figure 04 to be its key stakeholders considering their influence and their interest in our business. We have presented them in the order of their ability to affect our operations from high to low.




The Figure that follows showcases our stakeholder engagement process, embodying our commitment to prioritise stakeholders’ interests—an ethos reflected in our tagline, “Our interest is in you”. This dedication drives ongoing, transparent engagement across diverse platforms, fostering robust collaboration. By integrating their valid concerns and expectations into our strategy, we not only deliver value to stakeholders but also derive mutual benefits, fueling sustainable value creation.




Table 03 showcases various formal mechanisms utilised to meet stakeholder expectations, with engagement responsibilities spread across the Bank’s touchpoints. The pandemic shifted the dynamics, altering the depth, frequency and mode of engagement, prompting a greater reliance on digital platforms.

Our stakeholder engagement process serves as an agile tool, facilitating adaptation to evolving challenges, bolstering our business model, fostering innovation and gathering vital insights crucial for strategic planning.

Mode and frequency of stakeholder engagement




Society and environment

Business partners

Government institutions and regulators