Annual Report 2019/20

Through all the obstacles and barriers, Sunshine Holdings remains steadfast in pursuing its goals.

Our perseverance is how we have evolved from a single pharmacy store into a true Sri Lankan conglomerate with a presence in the healthcare, consumer, agriculture, and energy sectors.


To be the most admired conglomerate in Sri Lanka


Growing our enterprises to be industry leaders



Continuous improvement through change


Never give up


The foundation upon which we grow


Accountable to all stakeholders


Honest, open and transparent

That we are a going concern goes without saying – a business that has the ability to continue in business for the foreseeable future.

But the current era demands more from businesses. For instance, sudden disruptions are the new norm, be they economic, political, business, or climate-related. This means that the old parameters for gauging long-term success are no longer enough.

By calling this publication a growing concern, we highlight not just our rich half century of progress from humble beginnings, but also our potential for sustainable, unfettered growth over the next 50 years and beyond.


We are a growing concern – with big plans to keep growing

With half a century under our belt, we are a conglomerate that consists of diverse subsidiaries spanning four vital sectors of our country’s economy: healthcare, consumer goods, agribusiness, and more recently, renewable energy.

From our modest genesis in 1967, we have held true to the family values that have brought us this far. An entrepreneurial spirit, solid partnerships, strategic alliances with leading global companies, strong values, and a Strategy and Mission that’s fit for the future – these are the elements that will drive us on from strength to strength.


Sunshine Holdings adheres to the strictest standards of corporate ethics and social responsibility. This is what guides us in how we manage our business, our relationships, and our resources.

Our strategy of sector and market diversification serves to mitigate risks, both from the perspective of the Company and of its shareholders. Managing our risk is critical to how we, as a listed, diversified entity, conduct our operations and is essential to maintaining our relationships with our stakeholders, society, and the environment in which we operate. Any oversight could have significant implications for our financial performance, our ability to create value, and our hard-earned reputation.

Financial Reports

The Financial Reports and accompanying notes provide a true and fair view of the results of our operations, financial position, and cash flows as stated in the relevant reports and statements in this section.

Our Financial Statements comply with all applicable accounting standards and are free from material misstatement.